A downloadable dream for Windows

A look into a typical day of Madotsuki's life of dreams.


Current version: 1.4.3


Version 1.4.3 fixes a save bug as well as a minor update on the ending screen.



  • Arrow keys: Move Madotsuki
  • A: Effect action
  • S: Cancel
  • D: Interact
  • Q: Toggle Effect Left
  • W: Activate Effect
  • E: Toggle Effect Right
  • Esc: Quit to title screen
  • Tab (in title screen): Toggle full screen/windowed mode



  • Art and development: Ebriosus (@ebriosusbeati)
  • Music: Kuruizaki (@PausedToScream)
  • Yume Nikki by Kikiyama

Install instructions

Windows only.

Unzip the package and run the executable.


MS_v1-4-3.zip 27 MB

Development log

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