A downloadable trap

You get trapped in a haunted mansion one rainy night.

Solve puzzles in the dark home in order to escape, before something terrible happens. Also, there's something peculiar about the resident of the home.


Planning for the remake of this game is now under way - this means that the game jam version will no longer be available.


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Pretty fun, neat visual style too!


Thank you!

I had a lot of fun playing this game. I had a little bit of an issue clicking on things at times- large mouse vs somewhat difficult to see objects but I have sight issues so that's probably on me and not the game itself. I quite enjoyed being killed a lot. Ha! :D 

I'm glad that you enjoyed the game. Yes - the cursor is quite big, and it's a little hard to click on the objects with it. This will be remedied in a later update. Please look forward to future updates, there will be even more ways to die. :)