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A downloadable mountainman for Windows

While wild, unhinged cowboys shoot each other on the southern regions of the country, real, rugged men survive on their own in the northern mountains. Their only enemy is nature itself.


Update (1.2.0):

  • Fixed a sizable bug that hangs the game when resting.

Update (1.1.5):

  • Weight system is causing problems. Removed altogether.

Update (1.1.0):

This version of Fur Pelt (1.1.0) tweaks some of the game's features. Also, a couple of bug fixes.

  • Deer drop meat much more commonly.
  • Rocks drop gun pellets much more commonly.
  • Rocks drop iron bars much more commonly.
  • Added randomized "Tips" messages while resting.
  • Fixed some bugs when enemies drop items.
  • Small fix on item crafting.

Update (1.0.0):

This version of Fur Pelt (1.0.0) fixes a couple of noticeable bugs.

  • Fixed music bug after Game Over screen.
  • Fixed weight bug.


This game is for the 2017 CGA Jam.

This version of Fur Pelt (0.9.0) has most things complete, but could use more debugging and graphic updating.



  • Art and development by Ebriosus (@ebriosusbeati).
  • Music and sound by Svr (@SVR_Audio)

Install instructions

Windows only. DirectX 9.0c required.

Unzip the package and run the executable.


Download (3 MB)
Download (3 MB)

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